An Educator. A Non-Profit Leader. A Student Advocate.

Really want to know me? Watch this.

An Educator. A Non-Profit Leader. A Student Advocate.

I grew up in San Francisco, attending our public schools. 
I run an education non-profit organization for high school students. 
I studied education in graduate school, and started as a teacher.
I AM NOT a concerned parent. I AM NOT an aspiring politician. I AM a trained educator with a track record for making sure every student has access to a high quality education.

Really want to know me? Watch this.

Growing All Around

Kids need more than great teachers. Let's get great health, safety, and extracurricular resources to schools.

Keep Learning Fun

Let’s keep learning individualized, without having to “teach to the test.”


Teachers are the biggest part of learning, but not all; let’s invite leaders, innovators, and mentors from the community inside schools.

Unrivaled STEM

Silicon Valley is 40 miles away. Let’s get the tech world to work for our kids with STEM program partnerships.

Know This First

SF Students Need An Advocate Working In Classrooms.

Connor works with students across San Francisco as the founder of a financial education organization. What makes Connor different is his demonstrated commitment to kids; since finishing graduate school with a master of science in education policy, Connor has worked for organizations like the Philadelphia School District, the College Board, and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Elect Connor because he is a team member with experience in and out of classrooms, and he has a finger on the pulse of San Francisco schools.

Keeping The Dialogue Going

Connecting with students to hear their ideas and concerns.

The School Board does everything from approving building repairs to setting new administrative policies. Sometimes in the bustle of matters before the School Board, we forget about our actual students. Connor has a track record for listening to student concerns and advocating for their ideas.

A Little Of His Story

After a decade of working for education nonprofits, Connor started his own.

Connor is the founder of Money Study, a San Francisco non-profit aiming to prepare high school students with the financial education they need to succeed as adults. Connor still has a teaching role, and works in classrooms across San Francisco.

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SFUSD Schools
SFUSD Students
The Difference

A true education professional with a track record for public school solutions.

Aura BrooksStudent, Galileo

“I like Mr. Krone because he cares about me and my future. He makes learning fun. Normally learning about financial stuff would be boring but he knows how to connect with students in our class.”

Eve LeeStudent, O'Connell High School

“It was really fun getting to know Connor during our class project. He was helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease. I could tell he cares about students and our futures.”

Jack GrahamTeacher, Galileo High School

“I'm wondering why I never contacted Connor sooner! Seriously, his organization has commendable talent and he was able to motivate students in our Economics class to get invested in their financial futures.”

Zak ReidStudent, Lowell High School

“Connor has been taking time to coach me on college applications over the weekends. He also volunteers at our local school Interact Club. I'm grateful to be working with him. When he heard I needed help on college applications he volunteered to help out, and I just found out I got into UCLA! He helped me see how to be smart with my applications.”

Jake ContrasCollege Student, UC Berkeley

“Connor worked with me after school on college applications when I was a student in San Francisco. I had the skills and talent, but he helped me figure out how to organize my college strategy. He stepped into my life out of the blue and I'm grateful; Connor really made a difference in helping make sure I was ready to apply, including all the financial aid work that is hard to figure out.”

Let's Do This Together

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