Connor's Story

An Educator Inside

and Outside Classrooms

From teaching students, to working with school district leadership, to running an education non-profit, Connor has worked with students since graduating college. (He went to graduate school for education policy). Today, Connor works inside classrooms as the founder of a financial education non-profit for high schools.

This is the first time Connor has run for elected office. He's doing it because he knows our city's students, and how we can work together to make sure every San Francisco child has access to a great education.

Know This First

Teaching Inside Schools. Leading Inside Communities.

Take a look at Connor working with San Francisco students, and advocating for education issues with city leaders. School Board Members should be more than concerned parents or aspiring politicians. They should be community leaders with a track record for impact in education.

That's Connor.

Connor’s Candidate Statement

Do you remember your 1st grade teacher? Mine was Mrs. Mayor. She taught me at Alamo Elementary School in San Francisco’s Richmond neighborhood. From my start in Mrs. Mayor’s class, to finishing high school, public schools led me to grow into a happy, capable adult.

Public schools supported me as a kid developing a love for reading. Teachers backed me when I came out of the closet as a gay man. Counselors taught me to be adventurous by leaving California for an east coast college. My advocates in schools shaped my life.

When I finished university, I joined a program called Teach for America to teach grades 6-12 in Philadelphia schools. At the same time, I began studying policy at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. And here is what I discovered: academic outcomes for low-income kids have not changed in a century. Public schools remain a realm of inequity, unable to make up for the long-term effects of poverty, racism, and other deeply rooted injustices.

Decide for yourself: across our 136 schools, only 50% of students scored proficient or above on the state’s CAASPP math test. For English, only 53% scored proficient or above on the state’s CAASPP. Half of San Francisco kids are not meeting California’s own standards for what a student should know by college.

Fixing these issues is complicated. I want to be blunt: these are not problems a parent, aspiring politician, or concerned neighbor are equipped to fix. I want you to vote for a Board of Education Member with a track record in public education solutions.

That’s me. I have ten years of experience breaking barriers in public education. In San Francisco I founded a financial education non-profit to combat the student loan crisis. In my career I have mentored high school students to become entrepreneurs who designed a new kind of solar panel. I worked for the College Board to bring STEM coaching to minorities in Brooklyn who were gearing up to take the SAT. I developed a curriculum for K-5 students to build robots. I ran a youth leadership lab in Singapore. I am an innovative candidate, and I will think outside of the box for our students.

I am proud of the work I have done for San Francisco students. Help me continue in our city with your vote on November 6th. There are great ideas in San Francisco, and if we work collaboratively for students, we can make change.

Connor's Priorities

Do each of our 136 schools give our kids a fair shot at an excellent education? Right now, only a handful of SF schools seriously prepare students for college and technical occupations. From elementary school reading programs, to high school robotics, Connor is running to support all schools in SF as they prepare youth to get great educations.

Growing All Around

Kids need more than great teachers. Let's get great health, safety, and extracurricular resources to schools.

Keep Learning Fun

Let’s keep learning individualized, without having to “teach to the test.”


Teachers are the biggest part of learning, but not all; let’s invite leaders, innovators, and mentors from the community inside schools.

Unrivaled STEM

Silicon Valley is 40 miles away. Let’s get the tech world to work for our kids with STEM program partnerships.

College Access

Let's expand college access with more counselor resources and student workshops.

Stay Thrifty

Let's be real: it's a tight budget. But SFUSD spends $566 million a year. Let's be accountable, and responsible with our spending.

We Can Do This Together

There is a difference between a politician

and a leader.

Connor is a leader for San Francisco students. He runs a financial education organization for kids, works with the Rotary Club's youth programs, and volunteers spare time to coach high school students on their college applications. Elect Connor because he is a leader for kids and communities.


Let's Do This Together

Teaching inside schools. Leading inside communities.